“James Loftin lifts the curtain on how we can live with clarity and intentionality, unleashing the potential of a life that is aligned with God’s purposes. This is a treasure trove of biblical insight from an experienced guide.” —Steve Richardson, president, Pioneers USA, Orlando, FL

“A must-read. It is creative in its design and expression, using a familiar designation of who we are in such a fresh way that you want to read the next page.” —Maxie Dunnam, author, pastor, and president emeritus of Asbury Theological Seminary, Memphis, TN

“A refreshing call to leave the world of small dreams and embark on a lifetime journey of maximum impact for God’s glory. With a pastor’s heart, a scholar’s keen insight, and the apostolic zeal of one who has spent decades in global ministry, Loftin spells out in practical terms how to be intentional in reclaiming and maintaining our identity as the light of the world.” —Brent Fulton, founder/catalyst, ChinaSource, Sacramento, CA

“The perfect mix of inspiration, practical application, and biblical wisdom. His call to shine stirs my heart to connect to what God is doing in the most strategic way possible!” —Emily Osburne, marketing director, Generous Giving, Orlando, FL

“This is a timely reminder that the light of Christ is within us and a guide for the ongoing spiritual renewal needed to shine in the darkness.” —Kevin Wolley, captain B-767 (retired), FedEx Express, Portland, OR

“The world needs Christians who are strategic and gracious about living out their faith in ways that change lives and communities. This book leads us there.” —Stacia Glavas, founder/CEO, New Life Mission, Melbourne, FL

“This book challenges emboldens, and provides practical steps for ordinary Jesus followers who hunger to move beyond a consumer faith and maximize their unique impact in the world.” —Chris Goff, pastor, the Hub Church, Thomasville, GA

“The call to be the light of the world has always felt like an unattainable cliché. This is the first book I’ve read that is deep, practical, and effective in helping readers understand the deeper meaning of shining as we follow Jesus.” —Pete Marra, vice president of innovation, the Colson Center, Lexington, KY

“James Loftin forgot more about missions than I will ever know, but he communicates in a practical way for the busy pastor, the overwhelmed missions leader, and others who want to shine but are frustrated.” —Win Greene, author, and pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, New Kingstown, PA

“Using Bible study and real-life stories, this book shows us what we can do and what God expects us to do as the light of the world. It is an inspiration for change, and perfect for small-group study. I recommend it wholeheartedly!” —C. Ray Hayes, senior director, Hunter Lewis LLC, and chancellor emeritus of the University of Alabama System, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Born to Shine delivers inspiration as well as practical ways to live out the mission of Jesus. If there was ever a time for light to shine out in the darkness, it is now.” —Tom Cochran, national director of church engagement, Destiny Rescue USA, Palm Bay, FL

“James Loftin reflects on a mission not simply as an idea that Christians warmly affirm, but as a practice that requires close attention to how we can be more consistent, strategic, and less selfish ... a helpful resource for individuals, classes, and groups who seek to refine the missional fires of their faith.” —David F. White, author and professor of Christian education, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX

“Born to Shine reminds us that the light within us is not to merely brighten the places where we live. Our shining can reach the faraway dark corners of the world.” —John Johnson, founder and president of HisInstruments of Worship, Memphis, TN

“Born to Shine is a pragmatic and insightful book from a passionate, dedicated, and respectful leader. It helped me revisit my path and refine my future direction.” —Allen Mu, missionary with FMCD, Germany

“Practical, convicting, eye-opening, biblically grounded, authentic, and necessary for today’s Christian.” —Christie Smith, family life local guide with CRU, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Born to Shine is a blueprint to maximize your impact for the Kingdom and help you see your mission from a totally different perspective.” —Patrick Snipes, senior vice president-trading, FHN Financial, Memphis TN

“Filled with timely and provocative illustrations and challenging calls to discipleship, you will be glad you or your small group invested the time to explore and respond to the light ideas offered here.” —Billy Still, author and United Methodist minister (retired), Brighton, CO

“A call to Spirit-filled discipleship which is intentional, strategic, and cross-cultural. There is not a more timely message for the church at this hour.” —John Tanksley, orthopedic surgeon, Hutchinson, KS

“A fresh, insightful, relevant, and important book for all who are longing to shine the light of God into darkness. This book will shed light on the path of your life and ministry.” —Asia Williamson, leadership development catalyst, Lausanne Movement, London, United Kingdom

“I loved the lines ‘Right now, the Spirit is pursuing the abused, the hurting, and those who have never heard the good news. It is God's nature and mission to chase away darkness with truth, mercy, and grace.’Born to Shine is helping me face the realities of light and darkness.” —Josh Womack, founder and CEO, Womack Financial, Dallas, TX

“A useful, thought-provoking primer for Christians wanting to live out their faith in ways that illuminate God's grace as demonstrated in the gift of Jesus.” —Randall D. Noel, attorney, Memphis, TN