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“God created you with a purpose and capacity to impact the world more than you imagine. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, your words and actions can shine near and far in such a way that lost and hurting people will be transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ. Using the biblical theme of light, Born to Shine provides more than inspiration and examples of faithful living. It presents practical guidance on how Christ's followers can shine more brightly for the good of the world and for God’s glory. You are the light of the world. God invites you to reclaim that identity with intentionality, urgency, and excellence.”

James Loftin
Author of “Born to Shine”

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“A treasure trove of biblical insight from an experienced guide.” —Steve Richardson, president, Pioneers USA

“A must-read.” —Maxie Dunnam, author, pastor, and president emeritus of Asbury Theological Seminary

“A fresh, insightful, relevant, and important book for all who are longing to shine.” —Asia Williamson, leadership development catalyst, Lausanne Movement, UK

“Stirs my heart to connect to what God is doing in the most strategic way possible!” —Emily Osburne, marketing director, Generous Giving