What We Do

To help Christ followers and churches shine with maximum impact, FollowOne offers these services:

  • Shine Summits: Four-hours of discussion, prayer, and planning to help individuals and families better understand God’s mission and ways their unique assets, time, families, and prayers can shine for Christ. Location: homes or other sites. Size: Twelve to twenty adults.
  • Shine Coaching: A series of meetings with a family or a church leader to help them develop customized plans to shine God’s grace with intentionality, urgency, and excellence. Location: Online or onsite. Size: one family or the leaders of one church
  • Lampstand Process: A joyful process that helps churches reexamine God’s mission, survey their resources (time, money, and prayer), and focus their resources to have a greater impact on lost and hurting people both near and far. This six to twenty-four-month process involves a series of meetings with the church’s key leaders. Location: Sessions are at the church, but some additional coaching may be online. Size: Up to twenty.

All events and coaching are led by James Loftin. The curriculum is based on his writings including Born to Shine: Reclaiming Your Identity as the Light of the World.

Born to Shine Book